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The END 22 TOUR for PTSD and Suicide Prevention…


END 22 Bike Raffle

END 22 2016



We are 2 Military Vets each touched by Suicide but from different sides of the fence.

Retired Sgt Bill Ciccone lost his son James to PTSD upon his return from Iraq on 26th Nov, 2012. It was when he made his sons Memorial Page on Facebook that he met Davud Waters a Navy Vet that has struggled with Cronic depression and survived 2 suicide attemps.

It was the writings on the FB Page that made David reach out to Bill and his family telling them Thank You for what they write as it has helped him deal with his own struggles and gives him the motivation to move forward.

As time moved on Bill and David learned from each other and have depended on each other for answers from the 2 different sides they stood on. David explained to Bill the dark place his son was in when he took his life and Bill explained the grief and hurt a family goes through.

Both have learned from one another and they decided to do something to help others in that dark place in life and the families that are left behind.

Spring/Summer 2016 they will set out on an around the US End 22 Tour to bring awareness to PTSD and Suicide. They will be stopping to talk to Service members at installations across the US. They will include stops for fundraisers like 5K Runs and Poker Runs to get the word out to the civilian population.

The money raised will go directly into the Spartyka Foundations account and will be used for services to help Vets and Active Duty service members deal with the Demons of War.

PTSD is the SILENT Killer in the US and is often swept under the rug. Vets and Service members are drugged up and moved on but as we all know this doesnt work.

During our 14+ years at War we have lost just over 6000 KIA while during the same time period we have lost over 112,000 to PTSD and Suicide.

The number of 22 per day isnt a realistic number cause only 21 states report said stats. 29 states dont report at all and Texas and California the 2 largest states in the lower 48 are two that dont report so our number off 22 is much higher.

If you have a family member that has lost their battle with PTSD I hope that you will donate so no other families have to go through the living hell we do on a daily basis.